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Fusion Bellydance Fanny Delesham fuusio vatsatanssi itämainen tanssi

Dance Classes

Fanny Delesham Tribal Fusion Bellydance

Add Fusion Bellydance into Your Life

In the Fusion Bellydance classes, we practice the modern fusion style of oriental dance including shimmies, accents and snake-like movements in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. 


Fusion belly dance is considered to be a feminine dance. However, the dance is an intriguing hobby suitable for different people regardless of age, gender or fitness. So join the classes as you are!


For a bellydance class, you can wear comfortable tight-fitting and flexible clothes so that you can see your own body moving. You can either choose to dance barefoot or with non-slippery socks. And what adds a nice extra for dancing is a hip scarf on your waist.

Weekly Fusion Bellydance classes are organised in Helsinki and Espoo, Finland.

Late Summer Workshops & Intensives

In the August 3-session short course, we will delve particularly into floor techniques! We will do a variety of technical exercises and apply them to floor work that adds variety. Floor techniques are great for challenging the body from new perspectives, so come along to find new dimensions for your dance!

Starting 12.8.2024, 3x60min - 50€

Time: Mondays at 17:00-18:00
Level: Open

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Helsinki Oriental Fusion Bellydance Special with Fanny Delesham 15.8.2024

Fusion Bellydance Special in August has two different classes: The first one is a Fusion Bellydance Intro session for beginners interested to try this style. The second session is a Fusion Bellydance Technique Special for those with more experience on the dance already, this time with a vintage theme - Technique and combinations suitable for the old school Tribal Fusion hit pieces!

THURSDAY 15.8.2024
17:00-18:00 Fusion Bellydance Intro - 20€
18:00-19:30 Fusion Bellydance Special - 30€

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Tribal Fusion

Fusion Bellydance Workshops in Nokia on 14.09.2024!

In the beginner and beginner-intermediate workshops, we will practice shimmies, accents, and snake-like movements. We will create short dance combinations, which will form a small and easy choreography.

Both workshops offer a unique opportunity to learn fusion bellydance. At the end of the workshops, participants will have the opportunity to record their own dance performance on video.

SATURDAY 14.09.2024

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM Fusion Bellydance Beginner Workshop - 35 €

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Fusion Bellydance Beginner-Intermediate Workshop - 35 €

Register on the Jamila Dance website.

Jamila Dance

Autumn 2024 Courses

More courses will be published soon!


Fusion Bellydance Technique (Fall 2024)

The new Monday Fusion Bellydance class is dedicated to varying technique themes throughout the season! We will practice a variety of core techniques, accents, vibrations, and seek a smooth flow from head to toe. Techniques will sometimes be done on the floor, sometimes while moving, and combined into small sequences.

Starting 2.9.2024, 15x60min - 235€

Time: 16:00-17:00

Level: Open 

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Tribal Fusion Bellydance


Time to learn your first choreography? This class is great to continue dancing after beginner course or returning to your hobby from a break! Let's keep improving all the basic techniques and learn new variations! In addition a simple choreography with formations will be prepared for stage - those willing to perform will have the change to do so at the end of term!

Starting 5.9.2024, 15x60min - 235€

Time: 16:15-17:15
Level: Improvers

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Fusion Belly Dance Helsinki

Fanny's choreography class is a great combination of technique training as well as an enchanting choreography with formations. Theme coming soon! This class suits dancers with already some experience from either fusion bellydance or oriental dance.

Starting 5.9.2024, 15x75min - 270€

Time: 17:15-18:30
Level: Intermediate

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Fusion Bellydance Helsinki oriental Fanny Delesham

This class takes you to the inspiring world of Tribal Fusion Bellydance in it's different variations! Learn technique and combos with shimmies, accents and snake like movements. Enjoy the electronic music and mystical vibes! No previous dance experience required, all techniques will be taught step by step!

Starting 5.9.2024, 15x60min - 235€

Time: 18:30-19:30
Level: Basics

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Fuusiovatsatanssin tanssiminen Helsingissä

What the Fusion Bellydance Students Say:

"It was such a nice and wonderful course! The teacher was good, very pleasant and knew how to teach."

What Happens in Our Studio Classes

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Fanny Delesham Tribal Fusion Bellydance


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