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Fusion Bellydance Fanny Delesham fuusio vatsatanssi itämainen tanssi


Fusion Bellydance Fanny Delesham fuusio vatsatanssi itämainen tanssi

Fanny Delesham 


An enchanting modern fusion dancer, a teacher and a performer.


Fanny teaches popular Fusion Bellydance classes from basics to intermediate in different parts of Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Currently Fanny teacher classes in Kalasatama, Punavuori, Tapiola and Ala-Tikkurila.


She has significant experience in dancing from oriental dance to contemporary dance and popping, but she is in her element with Tribal Fusion Bellydance (a.k.a. Transcultural Dance). She combines polished technique, creative usage of music, and a relaxed atmosphere in her teaching and performing.

As it is important to acknowledge the dance's roots and culture, Fanny completed the Helsinki Oriental Dance Theory -Diploma in the spring of 2022. 

Besides the love for oriental dance and Arabic music, Delesham is familiarising herself with the Persian language as she is passionate about traditional and modern Persian music.


She is a continuous researcher of better knowledge of cultures, dance and life. 

Fanny Delesham

Fusion bellydancer who guides you to Fusion style dance in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Fusion Bellydance


Fusion Bellydance is an umbrella term for Tribal Fusion Bellydance.

Tribal Fusion, also called Transcultural Dance, was founded around the 90s in the United States, from where it spread across the world. Tribal Fusion is a Western style of Bellydance, in which dancers usually fuse elements from different dance styles, for example, popping, hip hop, flamenco, kathak, etc.


The dance combines isolated, flowy movements with strong accents. Besides soft elegance, it has power and strength. The dancer can use different props, such as swords and finger cymbals, zills. 

Nowadays, there is much discussion about the terminology of Tribal Fusion. For example, the term tribal is being abandoned in many cases. Therefore, the term Fusion Bellydance is mainly used on this webpage.

Fusion Bellydance Fanny Delesham fuusio vatsatanssi itämainen tanssi

Oriental dance

Oriental dance is a popular name to describe the range of dance styles from the Middle East and North Africa.

Oriental dance refers to different dances of the MENA area (Middle East and North Africa), from folkloric dances to modern. Oriental dance can be called Raqs Sharqi

a dance from the East.

Even though dance is thousands of years old, the name Bellydance came into use in the 19th century when Europeans and Americans first saw oriental dance.

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Fanny Delesham Fusion Bellydance fuusiovatsatanssi
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