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Fanny Delesham Fusion Bellydance fuusio vatsa tanssi

Fanny Delesham

Fusion Bellydance

Dance Classes & Shows

Fusion Bellydance

Add wellness and magic to your life.

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Fusion Bellydance,

a contemporary twist on Oriental Dance, and bring a touch of magic into your life.

What the Fusion Bellydance students say:

"It was such a nice and wonderful course! The teacher was good, very pleasant and knew how to teach."


Fusion Bellydance Show

Elevate your event with modern and mysterious

style of oriental dance.

Reserve your performance now!

What the audience says:

“The dance was really fantastic and powerful! I really liked the body language and style!”

Fusion Bellydance

Travel from ancient times to modern!

Fusion Bellydance is a dance form stemming from oriental dance into which various dance styles are embedded and in which music varies between traditional and contemporary.

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Fanny Delesham Fusion Bellydance fuusiovatsatanssi


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